Cambridge Gliding Centre

Learn to fly - in a glider!

Gliding is a form of flight that is both beautiful and exciting. Nothing can quite match the thrill of flying silently, giving you a birds-eye view over the surrounding countryside of Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and beyond.

Cambridge Gliding Centre offers a full range of flying experiences, from trial flight gift vouchers to flying lessons.

Flying lessons

We offer trial lessons and flying courses for the aspiring glider pilot, as well as conversion or advanced courses for experienced pilots. Whatever your skill level and flying experience, Cambridge Gliding Centre is the flight school for you.

Gliding is suitable for all ages from 14 upwards. You can fly solo from the age of 14, and the challenges and rewards keep on coming, whatever level you reach.

Safety is paramount. The BGA, to which Cambridge Gliding Centre is affiliated, governs the sport in the UK. CGC procedures fully comply with BGA standards and you will fly with BGA approved instructors.

Trial flight gift vouchers

We offer a range of flight experience gift ideas, ranging from an affordable single trial flight to a comprehensive premier experience day.

Our airfield, Gransden Lodge, is on the Bedfordshire / Cambridgeshire border and within easy reach of Bedford, Cambridge, Huntingdon and Royston.

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